Throughout the year, the GSEAA Executive Board is busy planning and organizing events that engage the alumni, students, and faculty as a GSE Community.

The Holiday Networking Event traditionally is scheduled for early December and is a mingling of the GSE Community both professionally and socially. In 2017 and 2018, two global outreach programs at the GSE were highlighted. Students and former participants from these two programs shared their experiences, expanded our base of knowledge, and provided invaluable information of local-global relationships as part of the GSE. Dr. Darren Clarke enlightened the group on the South Africa Initiative (SAI), while Dr. Mary Curran brought her visiting East African Development Bank Scholars and Teachers from Uganda and Kenya. (Please see Photo Gallery).


So that the Alumni may assist current students and young alumni in securing employment, staying in the field of education, advancing their careers, and supporting their personal goals and objectives, the GSEAA is engaged in career networking and mentoring events and activities. (Please see Photo Gallery).

With Rutgers University (RU) being one of the national leaders in research, the GSEAA honors a Distinguished Faculty member to share his/her research. This year, three Distinguished Faculty have been selected and will share their research and discuss its relation to Social Justice. (Please see “Mark your Calendar” for further details).

The GSEAA also honors three graduates who have been faculty nominated for their outstanding doctoral dissertations. The three honorees are invited back to RU for the GSE Convocation and presented with their Doctoral Dissertation Award. (Please see Photo Gallery)

Not only are students recognized for their achievement, but GSE faculty are, as well. At Convocation three faculty are selected to receive the GSEAA Awards for Teaching, Research, and Community Service. The recipients of these Awards in 2018 were: Amy Lewis, Ed. D. Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Department of Learning and Teaching for the Faculty Teaching Award; Arianna Mangual Figueroa, Ph.D. Associate Professor in the Department of Learning and Teaching for the Faculty Research Award; and both Florence Hamrick, Ph.D. Professor and Graduate Program Director for the Ph.D. Program in Higher Education in the Department of Educational Psychology and Nora Hyland, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Associate Dean and Faculty Director for the Teacher Education program in the Department of Learning and Teaching were the recipients for the Faculty Service Award.

Alumni also are recognized for their outstanding work and contributions. The Distinguished Service Award is presented by the GSEAA to alumni who have rendered outstanding service to the field of education and/or to the GSE. The presentation of this Award highlight’s each recipient’s faithful and continued effort in bringing about the goals and ideals of education, a commitment to education and upholding those values therein, as well as service and dedication to the GSE. (Please see Photo Gallery).

Prior to RU Commencement and GSE Convocation, in which GSEAA members participate, the GSEAA honors the graduating class for their accomplishments and achievements and welcomes them into the GSEAA – their Alumni Association. (Please see Photo Gallery).

In addition to the events and honors bestowed upon alumni, faculty, and students, the GSEAA also has an endowed Student Scholarship which is awarded annually. The GSEAA also contributes to, participants in, and provides support to the South Africa Initiative, the Rutgers Food Pantry, the Speed Networking event sponsored by the RAA, the Livingston Theater Initiative, Kappa Delta Pi, the national honorary education fraternity, and Rutgers Day.

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