In August 1931 a committee composed of graduate students of the School of Education were appointed to look into the advisability of forming an Alumni Association of the School of Education of Rutgers University. The committee was invested with the power to proceed with plans for organizing such an association, if it deemed wise to do so. During the year several meetings were held. After a careful survey of the field, it was decided that such an organization would be most practical. By-laws were prepared and presented to the President and Trustees of Rutgers University at their annual meeting in June 1932 and the Alumni Association for the School of Education was founded.

The organization was inactive during the years of World War II and was reactivated in 1952 and since then has continued to be an active and visible professional organization representing all graduates of the School of Education and the Graduate School of Education.                                                         

Executive Board 2019




President                    Dr. Marilyn E. Gonyo  

Vice President            Dr. Kathleen Regan   

Secretary                    Carmen Peterson

Treasurer                    Dr. William DeFabiis

Assistant Treasurer    Dr. Mary Carrington

Historian                     Dr. Lynn Stradford

Immediate Past President    Dr. Jennifer V. Jones

                                 COMMITTEE   CHAIRS

Finance/Budget            Dr. W. DeFabiis

Audit                               Dr. C. Arias

Nominating                    Dr. J. Jones

Distinguished Faculty Lecture   Dr. K. Adleman & J. Kerekes

Holiday Networking Event          Dr. V. Sadowsky & Dr. B. Trueger

Dissertation Awards      Dr. K. Regan

Plaques/Awards             Dr. B. Whitman

Strategic Planning         Dr. W. DeFabiis

Bylaws                             Dr. B. Trueger

Scholarship/Awards      Dr. M. Carrington

Young Alum Event         M. Esposito & Dr. P. Noonan

New Alumni Event         C. Peterson

Speed Networking         Dr. R. Kanarick

Kappa Delta Pi Rep        M. Magliozzi

Student Rep                   R. Dickler


Dr. M. Beachem

A. Gagliardi

Dr .M. Hull

R. Magliozzi

E. Matelski

Dr. G. Stefanski

Dr. L. Sanchez-Wall

Past Presidents of the GSEAA



TERM                      NAME

1932-33             Dr. Louis J. Kaser

1933-34            Sarah Whitlock 

1934-36            Dr. John E. Dugan

1936-37            Emily Hart Quig

1937-39            Dr. John W. Wood

1939-41            Paul Brown

1941-42            Hulda K. Hewitt

1953-55            Dr. Lawrence R. Winchell

1955-56            Patrick James White

1956-57            Hazel H. Trembley

1957-58            Dr. Ablett H. Flury

1958-59            Irene Budnicki

1960-61            Dr. J. Henry Zanzalari

1961-62            Dr. Theodore Schor

1962-64           Dr. Stanley Godleski

1964-65           Dr. Jack Vincent Irion

1965-68           Evelyn L. Headley

1968-71            Dr. Emmet F. McWilliams

1971-72            James X. Paterno

1972-73           George Allan Snow

1973-74           Michael Tuosto

1974-76           Stephen G. Achaves

1976-77           Robert H. Arents (5/76-resigned 12/12/76)

1976-77           Dr. Stanley P. Godleski

1977-78           Dr. Susan Wood

1978-79           Dr. Eleanore B. Warner

1979-80           Dr. William G. Smith

1981-83           Rocco J. Magliozzi

1983-85           Dr. Anthony C. Pugliese

1985-87           Dr. Peter Mazurak

1987-89           Dr. C. Dan Blanchard

1989-91           Ann Gagliardi

1991-92            Dr. Dorothy De Steno Prisco

1992-94           Dr. Arleen H. Urban

1994-96           Samuel J. Simmons, Jr.

1996-98           Dr. Michael Beachem

1998-2000      Dr. Carolyn H. Dittus

2001-03           Dr. Mary Carrington

2003-05          Dr. Carol M. Kramer

2005-07         Dr. Victoria Sadowsky

2007-11           Dr. Roberta Kanarick

2011-15            Dr. Barbara Whitman

2015-17           Dr. Jennifer V. Jones

Proud alumni of Rutgers Graduate School of Education!